Commercial Project - Design / Build

SE Portland - 2016  
This coffeeshop project, in the popular Sellwood neighborhood, is a healthy mix of wood, metal and polished concrete. The centerpiece of the shop is the 12' reclaimed glulam beam that came out of a warehouse deconstruction project nearby. The beam itself was a foot thick and four feet tall, so it required a visit to Matt & Bob White's giant Lucas Mill, up on Mt Hood. 

We were able to rip the beam down to the desired 1.5" thickness, sand it smooth on my 4' wide belt sander (see image below, the thing is amazing) and then I welded a geometric base from 14 gauge cold rolled steel. All the steel in the shop, from the table bases to the customer service island were roughed up with medium Scotch-Brite, washed in a vinegar bath, left to rust over and then the rust was brushed off to reveal the patina below. I finished all the steel with a few coats of the same acrylic sealer I used on the concrete countertops. 

Since this was a new construction project, I was able to pour the slabs in the shop, upside down and then flip them up on to the steel support frames. This was a fun project and my favorite place to meet new clients for a cup of coffee.  
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